Designing a couple of eCommerce Web Sites

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eCommerce Web Sites

As the title says, I’m currently working on a few eCommerce web sites which means updates to my web site will be limited. One site I’m working on is selling quarter midget racing parts while the other is selling boiler parts. Both will be WordPress web sites using, as far as I’m concerned, the best eCommerce platform WooCommerce.

Managed Cloud Hosting by Cloudways

Both will be hosted utilizing Cloudways managed cloud hosting platform. I plan to do a simple post about their services in the near future. I’ve not been using them for very long but so far my impression is simply amazing. Crazy fast while simple to use, navigate, and no fluff.

Ryzen 3 Build this Weekend

Spent some time going through the available mATX motherboards and finally made a decision a few days ago. Not many choices for mATX and I’m not sure there’ll be many in the future either. Below are the parts I’ve selected along with their prices:

I got a Kingston 256GB SSD collecting dust and never used so going to put that in as the primary hard drive. However, excluding the SSD, not a bad setup cost wise coming in at $701.93 plus shipping and tax.

Compared to Dells entry level Inspiron 5675 using a Ryzen 3 1200 priced at $636.99 at the time of this writing my build should blow the doors off that for not much more money. Maybe I’ll have to put this up on my shop section for custom builds!

What’s that article picture?

You might, or might not, ask and I’ll not tell you for now. Check back some time after the holiday weekend as I will be using it during my testing of the Ryzen 3 1200 build!

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